Essay about What Types Of Jobs Do People With Disabilities

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There are citizens with disabilities all over the world who wants a job but because of determining factors, employment does not come easy. People who have disabilities are seen as not wanting to work when in reality they desire to be employed just like everyone else. In the article “Do non-employed people with disabilities want to work, and if so, what types of jobs do they want”? , Mohammad Ali, Schur, and Blank argues that the decreased employment rate of people with disabilities is not a result of the disabled person unwillingness to work or due to distinctive job preferences. People with disabilities that are not employed show the same amount of interest and expression of wanting a job as much as unemployed people without disabilities. The author argues that although people with disabilities wants to acquire a job as much as people without disabilities, the disabled is not really actively out there looking for employment because they are actually less hopeful in finding a good enough job. The author indicates that the answer to the question “What types of Jobs do people with disabilities want”? Is “The same as everyone else”? Although people who are disabled are less likely to be employed, they want to work like everyone else but due to prejudice, discrimination, transportation barriers, decrease in monthly income from government assisted programs, and decreased levels of the proper education, employment does not come easy. I find the article interesting, insightful and…

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