What Type Of Performance And Needs You Will Keep Your Real Application Cluster

2355 Words Oct 31st, 2016 10 Pages
When creating an Oracle database one must consider what type of performance and needs you will need to keep your Real Application Cluster (RAC) environment operating at peak instances. When an Oracle database spans across multiple instances on different servers with shared data files. When the database spans across several hardware systems but it will appear as a single combined database within the application. Real Application Cluster allows the commodity to be utilized in way that they could reduce the total cost of scalable hardware with the various workloads. Discussing more about Real Application Clusters and why its characteristics are essential for data management and essential for uninterrupted database services, there are four attributes that make this so. The first being reliability that by removing the database from a single point of failure and by moving it to multiple instances the cluster will remain working even if one fails. The software that comes with the Real Application Cluster will monitor any failed components. Speaking more about the monitoring the error detection that the software provides fast detection and will recover failures before even users detected that a problem has occurred. Going along with the error detection is recoverability and the fact that oracle software has a Fast Application Notification and Fast Connection Failover and will start a recovery as soon as the instance detects and failure in the cluster and will start it automatically…

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