What Type Of Parenting Styles For A Child Essay

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What kind of Parent Are You?
What type of parenting style is preached in your house? Every household is different when it comes to parenting styles. There is never a child that is ever raised the same. There are several different parenting styles; one is type of parenting style is always going to be more successful then the others. Parenting is a huge role in the child’s life while growing up. The way the child is parented shows how well or poorly he or she was disciplined. The three most common parenting styles you hear about are authoritative, permissive, and also authoritarian.
Authoritative parenting tends to be the most successful. This is the kind of parenting every child should go through. Authoritative parenting is the healthiest parenting styles for a child. Children who are raised in an authoritative household are more likely to be independent, self-reliant, academically successful, socially accepted and very well behaved.
A parent that chooses to use authoritative parenting aren’t wanting to be their child’s best friend but they also don’t want to be that strict parent to where they aren’t allowed to do anything. Yes, they do have high expectations for their children but they are also there to help and support them with every thing they do.

Authoritative parents want to be able to talk to their kids because they know they are mature enough, they want to ration with them and don’t want to be so hard and discipline so much. They want what’s best for their…

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