What Type Of Listener Am I? Essay

1221 Words Oct 8th, 2015 null Page
What type of listener am I? I personally find myself to be an empathetic listener when necessary especially if I’m interested in the topic being communicated to me. Also how I’m feeling that day and time will really alter my listening. It is important to show that you are always listening and giving positive body language to show you are being attentive. I think everyone is guilty of all kinds of listening even selective listening. Communication in my own words is a way to talk and understand the people around us and to be able to make relationships, exchange ideas, and is a way of survival. Being able to understand body language and understanding an issue being addressed will help us create relationships with our clients and to grow in the profession.
We have to communicate and establish what we want to eat and drink, also to get jobs to make money and raise a family. We are able to make relationships with people by expressing, sharing feelings, emotions, and common interests. Communication has allowed us to exchange ideas, believes, and theories which has allowed us to learn and to grow as a nation to expand technology. When growing up I would love going up to new kids on the playground for them to play with me and from there on I was able to create a relationship with that person, it has never been an issue with me. My parents would always joke saying it has been the easiest and hardest age the moment I could communicate with them. I could finally establish what I liked…

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