What Type Of Innovation Is Go Pro? Essay

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1 What type of innovation is Go Pro? Explain your rationale. (~150 words, 5 points)
The original Go Pro was a market breakthrough, disruptive product because it changed the way that the video camera industry recorded memories. “Market breakthrough products are products that are totally new to the marketplace.” (Supplement to Chapter 6 Video, Minute 18:57) The original video camera would have been the radical product because it was a new technology that hadn’t yet been discovered. The Go Pro is also a new product in the video camera industry, therefore, it is a market breakthrough. A “disruptive innovation changes the game.” These types of products, such as the Go Pro, change the market behavior and reduce current solutions in the marketplace obsolete. (Taylor, 2012) The Go Pro changed the way consumers thought about video cameras and how they used them. Go Pros made it easy to personally record events and movements with high quality video. The Go Pro Hero4Session could be considered a demand innovation, an innovation that meets existing demand in a new way. (Gorchels, p. 164) The Hero4Session could also be considered an incremental innovation because “it is a small change to an existing product that improves the products performance.” (Supplement to Chapter 6, Minute 19:32)

2 Explain the reasons why Go Pro has penetrated the market so fast, with millions of consumers having purchased it (~150 words, 7 points)
High risk equals high reward. That’s what Go Pro has…

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