What Type Of Data Does Space Exploration? Essay

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“Real World Audience”
NASA Scientists
YouTube Audience
Many of my essential questions lend themselves to authentic or “real world” assessments.
• How are humans impacted by different space relationships? o Figure out what space relationships we are impacted by and what would happen here on Earth if that did not exist?
• How are humans impacted through space exploration? o Have the students research how space exploration has impacted their lives. For example, they can look at various experiments performed on the International Space Station and where their results are used today. They could then create their own experiment to be performed on the ISS that would assist in human existence on Earth.
• What type of data does space exploration use in exploration? o Explore different data that is available to be used (using qualitiative and quantitative results). This is something that all scientists need to know how to do is to analyze a a variety of data.
• How is it determined what is explored in space? o Looking at the past, present and the future the students can figure out a trend of what is explored and why is it explored. For example, why do we just put up a $1.1 billion dollar probe on Jupiter…it could possibly give us insight into the origin of the Solar System because of the mass of Jupiter.

Objectives: ES.3 The student will investigate and understand the characteristics of Earth and the solar system. The key concept includes:

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