What Type 2 Diabetes? Essay

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Around the globe, there are thousands of people who suffer from diseases daily. One disease that is sweeping the nation is type 2 diabetes. Since the 1980s, type 2 diabetes has doubled from one hundred and fifty million people to almost three hundred and fifty million people in 2012 (Engelgau and Gregg. 2012). These numbers indicate a need for preventative measures which will decrease statistics annually. Before one can work towards condensing these figures, one must understand what type 2 diabetes is and what causes type 2 diabetes. What is type 2 diabetes? “Type 2 diabetes is the outcome of hyperglycemia or commonly referred to high blood sugar which results in a fasting glucose concentration of ≥7·0 or 2-h post-glucose load ≥11·1” (Stumvoll, et al. 1333). In other words, type 2 diabetes results in the testing of the glucose load or high blood sugar levels. Unfortunately, there are numerous increased risk factors that lead to type 2 diabetes. Increase risk factors such as obesity, inactivity, and hereditary nature are all directly linked to the development of type 2 diabetes. Obesity is one increased risk factor that induces the onset of type 2 diabetes. Obesity has increased dramatically over the last ten years and unfortunately it is projected to escalate in the future. “There are over one million people worldwide who have contracted type 2 diabetes as a result of obesity, which these numbers are only expected to climb to more than four hundred million by 2025”…

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