Essay on What They Fought for

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What they Fought for
What they fought for is an analysis of a collection of nearly a thousand personal letters and journals entries written by the soldiers who fought America’s famous Civil War. This book seeks to define the ideology of what the soldiers understood they were fighting for, and their comprehension of the outcome of their service .Although counter arguments agree that most soldiers could not give a solid explanation of why they fought for, nor the real Constitutional issues that were at stake; the thoughts the soldiers recorded show that they fought for more than just masculine identity; they highly valued being at home safe with their loved ones, at any cost. This book gives an inside perception of the Civil War, and a
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Pherson 28). For the North, defense of the homeland, and of the liberties and the government created by our founding fathers was the “glorious cause” for which they fought. But war could not last forever, and casualties and homesickness wore men out; a way out of war had to be found so peace could be established once again. The most important step was the great acknowledgment that slavery was the very cause of the war. The actual president Abraham Lincoln had already announced the Emancipation Proclamation in hopes of ending this fatal battle. Confederate leaders clarified that the United States “had been founded on the false idea that all men are created equal” while through secession, the new government of the south was based “upon the great truth that negro is not equal to white man; that slavery, subordination to the superior race, is his natural and normal condition” and so, the new cotton slave republic will founded on “the great physical, philosophical, and moral truth” (Mc.Pherson 48). Confederates felt support from their founding fathers with the cause of fighting for liberty and feared to be enslaved by the north. Yet, how could the south yield for the so called liberty, when they held slaves? This mere question was the force of the North. The Union favored Emancipation as means to win the war; not because they were directly favored by freeing blacks, but because clearing out slavery would weaken southern rebellion and therefore end war and stay as a

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