What The West Got Wrong About Sex Education Essays

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A Mirror For Society Sex is a mysteriously complex activity that has baffled thousands of writers, philosophers, and lovers for hundreds of years. Sure, some of the more scientific aspects of this illicit act has been unearthed, but the range of emotional impact is so varied that it is unlikely to ever be viewed rationally. This is the basis of argument in Jonathan Zimmerman’s paper ‘What the West Got Wrong About Sex Education’. Zimmerman claims it is impossible for teachers to affect students’ views on sex because the primary educator for this controversial topic is society. It is a reasonable believe seeing as students are constantly being bombarded with a wide range of information from various societal influences. In retrospect, it is laughable to think that a forty minute classroom session can influence young adults. This is especially evident when in comparison to more than a lifetime of public interaction and instantaneous information. Indeed, Zimmerman’s writing improves the validity his argument; he utilizes many strategies to strengthen his paper, including an effective use of diction, allusions, and conciliatory evidence. Unfortunately, Zimmerman fails to create a well-organized essay, and this ultimately leads to a somewhat muddled claim. Jonathan Zimmerman exceeds at creating an attention catching paper. His above standard diction convinces the reader that his claim is deserves recognition. Such instances are relevant when he utilizes the following,…

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