Essay about What The Visigoths Did Not Know

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What the Visigoths did not know, was that Spain was already a mixed culture with a very large Jewish community. When the Visigoths converted to Roman Christianity, they began to harass and antagonize the Jewish community. While the Visigoths were persecuting the Jews, a new religion known as Islam, was born that united Arabic tribes, such as the Berbers. These Arabic tribes would crossover into the Strait of Gibraltar and defeat the Visigoth King of Spain. To help them in their conquest of the peninsula, the Jews welcomed Muslims leaders. These Muslims would conquer most of Iberia and called their new land al-Andalus. In the end, these wars and rebellions that took place after the fall of Roman contributed to the integration of Islamic Spain by mixing the religions of Christianity, Islamic, and Jewish cultures together.
After Abd al-Rahman III became the governor of the New Islamic World, Cordoba, Andalusia became the capital and was a very luminous place. It became a place where it is known for its pleasures, beautiful architects, and its famous library that combined all religious culture from Christian, Jewish, and Muslim tribes. It was a place where all the people of different backgrounds and religions could come together and share knowledge that would benefit all. From this union of these tribes, we learned the benefits of science, technology, and art.
An example that made Islamic Spain integrated while under Muslims rule, is that Jews and Christians were allowed to…

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