What The Regulation Of Sexuality Mean Essay

1211 Words Nov 13th, 2015 5 Pages
When I think about what the regulation of sexuality means, I think back to when I was still living under my parent’s roof. My parents are both fairly conservative Christians, so growing up, there were rigid rules about what sexuality meant. Sexuality in my family meant a heterosexual relationship in a monogamous marriage between two people of similar age and status. Anything that did not fit into the confines of this vision of sexuality was strange to me up until I started to form opinions on my own. Until recently, large chasms in age in status still seemed outside of my grasp of understanding as something which could be normal or healthy. As an employee of the university, a large part of the training we receive as staff has to do with the institution’s rules on relationships and Title IX. While these rules and laws are meant to help regulate inappropriate sexual encounters which occur on campus, it is important to analyze whether or not these protocols overregulate sexuality in unhealthy ways.
Institutional rules which regulate student-staff relationships seek to protect students from inappropriate sexual encounters. All of my life, through education, I’ve been told what constitutes an inappropriate sexual encounter. At our school, we were always warned about dating violence and abuse, and what to do if we ever found ourselves in an unsafe or unhealthy relationship. I remember being taught about the role power and control had in unwanted relationship advances, and more…

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