Essay on What The Legacy Of Marcos

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What the legacy of Marcos A. Fontes is, is what i would have to say is Something that 's going to be great and will be great. As of today I am known as just a Normal teenager, the person who has grown up into a family restaurant business, Someone who grew up with a little brother with special needs. Some people view me as just a normal football player, a student with pretty close to great grades. Although in reality the legacy that i have brought to my own mind as a person the person who i am today. Every thing that i know to as myself i have had to in a way work for and bring to my own name. That concept of how i live my life is the one i am going to live by until i die. I plan to do the things that overcome the goals of my mind by doing whatever it is i can to strive as much as i will be blessed to do. So while i can explain my life and compare it to a amazing legacy to world, i can explain what i have brought myself to as my own legacy, along with how i plan to live and grow and officially make my own idea of what i am luck enough to live on this amazing world for.

Today is December Eighth 2015, As what i know of myself i know that i have had to work and make my way to know myself as the person that i am today. Along with the help of an amazing mother, and a supportive crew of people that even if i 'm not related to, i call family. I was born June 25th 1999 at 8:26 in the morning i can 't really say so far that “ A legend was born” But i can say that a legay was…

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