Essay on What The Hell Is He Doing Here?

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What the hell is he doing here?! Five years. Five years since we last spoke. Five years since he last said my name. Five years since he broke off a relationship that was undeniably love. At least, that is what I told myself before he shattered my heart and left me to decompose on the ground beneath him. Five years, and I spent every second of it trying to piece myself together, trying to revitalize the poisoned ruins he so kindly rampaged through. I only recovered from these injuries a year ago, when I truly found a new happiness in my life. Five years of healing my wounds, only to be torn open once again by the last person I want to see. I don’t get it. I evaded him for four years straight, not bumping into him once. And that was all while we were in the same jam-packed building. I miraculously graduated high school without a single word spoken to him. Heck, I moved halfway across the world just to escape the memories of my hometown, of him. And now he shows up at my doorstep? Fate, what did I do wrong? “Sorry, I think you have the wrong address.” What is he doing in London anyway? Last I talked to him, he said he wanted to complete his post-secondary education in California. Then again, that was five years ago. Is he visiting? Why would he visit me, his sworn enemy, of all people? I’m sure he’d rather kiss Donald Trump than even think of being in my presence, let alone knock on my door. Wait, what are those behind him? Boxes? Did he bring fifty boxes of bombs to end…

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