What Technology Tools Or Resources Are Available At Your School?

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1. Who is the “go-to” person when teachers at your school need help with technology?
Teachers usually consult Mr. Holton when they need help with technology.
2. What technology tools or resources are available at your school? In the classroom? In the library?
The technology tools available for teachers to use at the classroom are, 2 classroom computers for the teacher, 1 printer, document camera, smartboard, phone, and 3 computers for students to use in the classroom. In the library there’s about 25 desktop computers for students to use and about 15 DELL laptops. Some of the technology resources available for teachers to use are printers to print class set papers in each grade level hall, one laminator, and paper cutter located in each grade level hall.
3. Where do students and teachers use technology—in the classroom? The computer lab? The media center?
Students don’t really use computers in the classroom as my CT does not have centers for the students. But, students have the opportunity to use computers in their computer ancillary, and in the library. When students use the computers in their ancillary time they usually log in into I station to work in some interactive learning games. Furthermore, my CT usually uses the computer inside of the classroom located towards the front of the class.
4. When do students and teachers use technology—is there a schedule? Can they use it as the need arises?
Teachers uses technology daily as most of the stuff that they have to submit…

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