What Techniques Did Diane Use Help Her Ell Students Learn English More Quickly?

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Culture in the Classroom
• What techniques did Diane use to help her ELL students learn English more quickly?

Created a flash card system that helped the Korean students to speak and read English more quickly, and to recognize the English language sounds. She wrote the Korean letters representing the English sounds. It also helped with their intonation.

• How might you replicate some of her strategies in your classroom? Even if you are a monolingual English speaker, what outreach or other work might you do?

Since some of my students’ L1 use the Roman alphabet, I could try to find information regarding how the letters sound in their L1 in order to make connections between English letter sounds and the students’ L1 sounds. In addition, I will have diverse dictionaries accessible to the students so they can use them when they need to. At the same time, I will let the students communicate with their peers that have the same L1 so they can explain to each other the diverse topics discussed in the classroom.

Cultural Objectives
Content Objective: I can identify the sections of my written address.
Language Objective: I can write my address without assistance.
Cultural Objective: I can orally explain to my classmates the importance of knowing the address in my culture.

Bilingual Cognitive Processing/Multilingualism

Research continues to mention the benefits of bilingual cognitive processing. Even the longitudinal research in second language acquisition concludes…

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