What Society Norms For Gender Roles Should Be Conceived Essay examples

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In today’s society there are select individuals that don’t fit into our heteronormative society way of thinking. The way we view individuals is growing in complexity as different individuals start to identify themselves with different gender terminology and expression. By seeing this changed in our society this has made me reevaluate the concept of how your specified sex contributes to the overall appeal of what society norms for gender roles should be conceived of. As I grow up and met people of the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer) community, my understanding of identifying people based just on their appeared gender has allowed me to try to avoid that judgment at first glance.
The terms male and female are not the only two terms we used to describe people anymore. We have grown to acknowledge terms like: Transgender, Cisgender, Pangender, Genderfluid, Genderqueer, Bigender, Agender… etc. As you can see there are many options where people can express how they choose to identify, if they don’t fit into the “gender binary… whereby people are thought to have either of two genders: man or woman” (Teich, 5). But, sadly there are people who want to ridicule, bash, and argue that this is not a certain aspect that this should be considered a validation to people who associate themselves with these pronouns, and that they can only fit in one of the two categories: male or female. I realized this in middle school, when my Trans F to M (female to male) friend, Kai confessed to me…

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