What Smoke Inhalation Poisoning? Essay

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What is Smoke Inhalation Poisoning?

Most dogs that are involved in fires do not die as a result from the flames but rather from inhaling the smoke. Not only do the high temperatures cause heat damage to the delicate lining of the dog 's nose and upper airway, the toxic chemicals in smoke cause tissue injury. The carbon monoxide in the smoke binds to the red blood cells in the dog 's body, preventing oxygen from being carried and causing tissue death. Additionally, the potentially harmful substances that are burned in the fire can irritate the airway and bind to the air sacs in the lungs, hindering breathing.

Recognizing the signs of smoke inhalation poisoning in order to get prompt care for your dog is essential for their recovery after a fire.

Symptoms of Smoke Inhalation Poisoning

Fire frightens dogs and often causes them to cower in fear and hide, depriving them of getting fresh air and causing smoke to be inhaled. Symptoms of smoke inhalation poisoning can vary depending on what type of structure was burned and the amount of time the dog was trapped in the fire and often present both physically and neurologically.

Evidence of soot in the nasal passageways and mouth
Cherry red, pale or blue membranes in the gums
Difficulty breathing
Smoky odor
Changing positions in an attempt to make breathing easier
Redness in the eyes
Foaming at the mouth
Weakness or extreme tiredness
Loss of consciousness


Dogs become poisoned when…

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