Essay about What Size Would You Want The Third Computer System

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What size would you want the third computer system to be? (low range)
When building a computer system, the first step is choosing the case size of the computer system and this is exactly what we will do first. So, after discussing with the client the first question we asked was what case size the user would want. As this is the third and cheapest computer system we are designing, the client opted for a smaller size case. The user requested the height of the case to be anywhere between 5-12 inches and the width to be anywhere between 7 and 10 inches. Again, as this third computer system we are designing will be used as third prize the client requested this computer system have less card slots than the first and second computer system.
How fast would like your computer system? (low range)
The next step of building a computer system is choosing the cpu, cpu selection can be summarised in three words, performances, price and power. Selecting the cpu is an important part of building a computer system. We asked the client which cpu they would need and want the third computer system. Again, as stated previously this computer system will be the cheapest and the worst performance system out of all the three. So, the client requested the cpu for this system be a lot slower, powerful and cheap. The client would like a cpu that is powerful enough to run gaming applications on the computer system but be cheap and less powerful than the two other computer systems.
Will this computer be…

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