Essay on What Should The World Do About The North Korean Situation?

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What should the world do about the North Korean situation?

More than 1.2 million people died in the Korean War. Now, over 60 years later, both North and South Korea have rebuilt and become more developed. Even so, the North remains hostile to the South and has threatened nuclear attacks on more than one occasion. While it seems logical to fight fire with fire and have the South develop nuclear weapons, this is not the best solution for the long-term stability of the peninsula. Therefore South Korea should develop nuclear weapons. The main reasons are South Korea can start the South and North in to a deadly war as well as U.S. should stay in charge of nuclear weapons. One factor why South Korea shouldn’t make nuclear weapon is that they can launch the South and North into a world war 3. The North is aggressive because they’re afraid of South Korea. They create conflicts to show their power. How will the North respond to Korea making nuclear weapons? They will against North to stop them from making atomic bomb. For instance, North Korea have a offensive attacks like yeungpyeongdo artillery attacks, and changanham submarine torpedo attack to South Korea navy ship. We can see in this example, when we have world war, any cruel things can happen to them.
The North Korean government declared war with South Korea at May 15th,2009 the rest of the world is shaking in fear of was, but many South Koreans aren’t taking it serious at all. They think that the North Korean…

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