What Should The Legal Drinking Age? The United States? Young Adults?

1628 Words Apr 5th, 2016 null Page
What should be the legal drinking age in the United States? Young adults and teenagers are overlooking the facts that alcohol is a drug. When alcohol is available easily for minors, it increases the risk of binge drinking, drunk driving, and many health problems. Alcohol has a strong relationship with risky behavior among young adults. Risky behaviors are activities that places a person at increased risk for illness and injury. Regular alcohol use and binge drinking among adolescents are risk behaviors of concern. Early use of alcohol has multiple risk behaviors and impacts including sexual risk behavior, sexually transmitted infections, substance abuse, criminal and violent behavior, academic underacheivement, mood disorders, injury and high-level of alcohol related attendences at hospitals. According to the journal of population economics, seventy percent of young people in the United Kingdom use alcohol three times more often than tobacco products. (Alcohol consumption and risky behaviors among young adults, Baris & Erik Yoruk) Men and women are more likely to be engaged in casual sexual behavior when there is alcohol involved. Alcohol lowers the feeling of self-consciousness when being associated with sexual behaviors. While under the influence of alcohol, people see others as more attractive for both men and women, further promoting the possibility of engaging in casual sex. In a survey recently done by American journal of health, sixty-five…

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