What Should Students Expect Of You As A Teacher? Essay examples

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What should students expect of you as a teacher?
Student should expect a warm safe environment that provide them a learning environment that is creative. Children should have trust and feel comfortable with me at school. My classroom will be cheerful and inviting for the children as well as their parent. I will be ready at all time to console and provide the necessary security for each child.
What should parents expect of you as a teacher?
The parents and I will build a trusting relation and collaborate on meeting their child’s need. I will have open communication by using the child’s home to school binder to inform each parent on their child’s daily activities. I will respect the child’s cultural values and modify the classroom to fit each child’s need.
What do you expect of yourself as a teacher?
I would be prepared and organized each day with new and exciting material displayed throughout the classroom that would allow the child to explore. I will have a set of rule to follow and stay on routine as close as possible each day. I will be patient with each child and address their needs by providing and implementing the lesson to be accomplished. I will provide an environment so the children can interact and develop in many learning experiences. I will invite the parents to parent conferences and display the child’s work throughout the classroom for the parent to view when entering the classroom.
What do you believe is the most important responsibility of being a teacher?

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