Essay about What Should Marijuana Prohibition Was Racist From The Start?

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Are you using inaccurate, opinionated articles to support your academic paper? When developing an academic paper, it is important to use credible sources to support your thesis. When determining whether a source is credible there are a number of questions the readers should ask themselves. Is the article biased? Is the data being provided verifiable and accurate? Is the purpose of the website to inform or to spread an agenda? Asking these questions will ascertain the credibility of the source and decide whether it is appropriate to make use of the source to defend your thesis. The articles “Marijuana Prohibition Was Racist from the Start. Not Much Has Changed” by Nick Wing and “After prohibition: what will marijuana policy look like?” by Benjamin J. Dueholm are strong examples of a bad source and a good source. While one uses valid statistics and is current, the other is extremely bias, full of emotion, and written by an unreliable author. In the article, “Marijuana Prohibition Was Racist from the Start. Not Much Has Changed,” Wing is extremely biased about his argument that the “federal ban on marijuana has discouraged the type and volume of research that will likely need to be done before any absolute conclusions can be mad about weed” and that there are “racial undertones of the war on pot.” Wing writes “A number of white pundits and newspaper columnists have been among the most vocal, claiming that marijuana must remain illegal, despite their own prior use of it,…

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