What Should Go Into A Clinical Interview? Essay example

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What should go into a clinical interview? First we must define “clinical interview.” A clinical interview according to research on this topic is defined as a conversation with a purpose. This conversation should consist of the client chief complaint (what brings you to see me?). The conversation with the client should have no central theme, the client role can be defined with the initial interview, and the client can start and end the conversation at will. The interviewer should use direct content to achieve a specific purpose, defined the role between the client and this should occur at a definite time and place. (http://homepage.psy.utexas.edu) During the clinical interview you cannot cross-examine the client so the interviewer should keep a study process being conscious of the client’s appearance, clarity and rate of speech, voice intonations and any non-verbal clues like body posture, facial expressions, gestures and other preoccupations the client exhibits during the interview. This process will be a guide for later psychological assessments which is the most common clinical assessment technique. During the clinical interview, there is a gathering of information regarding a client 's family history, social life, employment, financial situation, previous experience in mental health treatment and other factors that can impact mental health and well-being. The assessment provides the interviewer a comprehensive picture of the client 's life,…

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