What Should Be Done About The Negative Impacts Of Cell Phones?

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What should be done About the Negative Impacts of Cell Phones? In today’s society, cell phones will continue to be a trending mobile device. The negative effects of it will still remain an issue if change doesn’t happen. In order to change the way of cell phones, there should be a more efficient action plan set in place within the United States. There are already certain laws dealing with the use of mobile devices but some are not effective enough for the people to abide by them. There should be new and improved policies for cell phone users that to follow. With the help of the cell phone policies, it can help a lot within the society as the years go by.
The age limit on phones should be strictly enforced. Nowadays there are people of all ages that have encountered or owned a cell phone. Most parents are also buying their children cell phones at a very young age which is not very good at all. For instance, children at the age of six are now receiving a cell phone because they “want” one. Babies and toddlers are being exposed to cell phones at a very young age too. Parents should not allow their children around cell phones unless under supervision. By doing so, it would prevent the harmful radiation from affecting a child. Children will be more productive in activities in school and at home without the need of cell phones. When parents give their child a cell phone, they will spend majority of the time playing on it rather than doing other things. This would make the child…

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