What Should A Family Look Like? Essay

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What should a Family look like? Our very own families and the society around us have been partially responsible for shaping our beliefs about what does and doesn 't constitute as a family. In addition, religious and educational institutions, as well as our race and gender, have contributed to our opinions regarding the contemporary American family. However, when we sit down on the couch to entertain ourselves with television or movies, we absorb images, whether consciously or not, which tell us what a family should look like. A lot of what we watch on a daily basis portrays the development of characters and displays how greater social forces shape who they have become. To help explain this, C. Wright Mills uses a term called the sociological imagination. This is the theory that peoples lives are shaped essentially by great social forces and society expectations rather than biology and genetics(. In the TV show Modern Family, a good example of the sociological imagination is used based on its diverse cast and the characters distinct personalities. Modern Family consists of everyday life situations with separate individual families who are all related. First we have the typical family with a wife and husband Phil and Claire, and their three kids Hailey, Alex, and Luke. Their race is Caucasian and this family structure is very similar to a modern day family. This demonstrates that we still have the ideal family that our society should consist. The second family structure we…

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