What Shaped The French Revolution

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Psycologcial Circumstances Shaping the Principles of the French Revolution
Studying history and its events is often helpful when determining how impactful they will be to current or future events, writings or people. Maxillien de Robespierre’s influence on the Jacobins and the direction of the ideals shaped the revolution. The history of France and the surrounding countries before and during the early point of the eighteenth century affected the circumstances that arose during events such as the terror. Future mindsets and psychological constructs depend on the surroundings of childhood and early adolescence. Robespierre came from a lower class family then put that towards the revolution because he was able to relate to the struggles ninety-seven
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Results of the revolution included the removal of the absolute monarchy system, ending of nobility privileges, elimination of church tithes/feudal dues, breakup of the larger estates and the principle of equal liberty for taxes. There were also new judicial measures put in place such as equality before law, trial by jury and freedom of religion, press and speech. This all equated back to the Jacobins and Robespierre because they captured the hearts of the people through promises of equality and elimination of the third estate. They were extremely revolutionary because they changed the overall taxation system and how French nobility was …show more content…
The history of France and the entire European continent before and during the early point of the eighteenth century affected the circumstances that arose. Future psychological states are often dependant on childhood experiences and atmospheres. Robespierre could relate to the third estate by coming from a lower nobility family but then was further motivated by revolution because he was able to relate to the struggles the masses were dealt with. The situation of the third estate was also a major factor as they drove rebellion against the government. The Jacobins won the hearts of the masses through speeches and promises to end peasantry and high cost items such as bread. Inclusively, Robespierre’s upbringing as well as the history of the continent and finally the situation condition of the third estate all contributed to the ideals and influences of the

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