Essay about What Role Does Need For Achievement

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What role does need for achievement play in your decisions?
In my opinion, need for achievement plays a significant role in my decisions. According to The Opportunity Analysis Canvas, entrepreneur is at the heart of entrepreneurship and a high need for achievement makes for better entrepreneurs. Thus, if I have a higher need of achieving something, which means I have a greater motivation to do it, it is more likely for me to accomplish something or to be successful than the person who has lower drive or motivation. For example, my personal career goal is to run a PR company. In order achieve it, I chose Communication as my major, I worked hard and always intended to get “A” in class because I expected to get high GPA, so I am able to get into a great PR graduate school. And then, I need to be a professional PR in a large global company at first to gain some experience. Eventually I might have chance to built my own company. However, if I don’t have a personal goal and don’t have a great motivation to achieve it, I never can be a entrepreneur.

What level of influence do friends and family have in your decision making?
According to The Opportunity Analysis Canvas, individualism is a key element of the entrepreneurial mindset. I understand that we need to high value of independence, freedom and control if we want to be a better entrepreneur. However, I do consider a lot of what my friend and my family think when I make a decision. For instance, if my parents oppose me to…

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