Essay on What Role Does Nature Or Anatomy Play? Human Behavior?

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Foundations of Anthropology
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What role does nature or biology play in human behaviour? Male Homosexuality
One of the earliest debates in psychology, nature versus nurture has been applied to almost every subject of human behaviour, and homosexuality is of course no exception. Whilst attitudes towards homosexuality have certainly shifted over time, there is still no firm scientific or academic consensus on what causes homosexuality in humans (Passer & Smith 2013). Much of this debate has typically been in the domain of psychologists, however, an anthropological analysis of homosexuality across cultures sheds much light on this issue and reveals the contrasting nature of the relationship between nature and culture. In this essay I will discuss the various theories implying a biological or nature basis for homosexuality, as well as drawing upon ethnographical evidence of culture’s important influence on homosexuality.

Homosexuality as nature

The relatively common phenomenon of Homosexuality, particularly in men, has been a topic of intrigue amongst the psychological community, and since the 19th century there has been ongoing debate as to what causes this fact. Throughout this debate, much of the findings by psychologists have pointed towards biological factors or nature, as the cause for Homosexuality. Possibly the most well known theories of nature being behind Homosexuality is mental illness. This theory gained…

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