What Qualities Make A Great Leader Essay

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The qualities that make a great leader.
Leadership is a characteristic that everyone can have, but being a great leader is something that one must work for. Most people are not born as great leaders but if they work towards the right things they can become great leaders. All praisable leadership is built upon many exceptional qualities in one person, such as determination, humility, and honesty.
Rosa Park’s attitude of determination made her an admirable leader. When she was forty two years old she took her seat on the bus like any other person but she did not realize that day she would change the future for African Americans forever. In an interview she states “ I felt I had a right to be treated as any other passenger.” After she took her seat towards the back, many white people entered the bus, and Rosa was asked by the bus driver to stand so that the men could have her seat. Rosa was determined to stand up for herself, and for what she believed
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It is known that he once said “ I cannot tell a lie.” It is believed that George said this when he was six years old. His father bought him a hatchet and he damaged a cherry tree, when he was asked whether he did it or not, he confessed and he's father rejoiced that his son was so honest. Although this story has not been proved, it was great propaganda for Mr. Washington. This story promoted his honesty and demonstrated reasons why he was a great leader.” As part of his belief that our nation should practice honesty, Washington urged that our Government always be honorable in money matters.” He borrowed as little money as possible and when money had to be borrowed he made it his duty to pay it back as soon as possible. His honesty was apperent to all people that knew him. He tried tell the truth at all times and this quality, along with many others, caused him to be the great leader that he is known for

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