What Psychology Means Me? Essay

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What Psychology Means to Me
Everyone in this world is trying to figure out who they are and where they belong. Some people know exactly who they are or what they want to become. Others go along blindly; just going wherever life takes them. But psychology can help people understand other people, and how people think, but it can also help people understand themselves. So this paper is about me, myself and I. This is my life, this is what goes on in my head, this is how I think, and this is me.
This paper is going to have every detail of my life, and how psychology can explain the ways I think. This paper will also have why I think I do the things I do, and why I think the things I think. I always tend to think of myself as a deep thinker, because I like to ask the hard questions, and I like to question others and myself. But now I’m probably going to go deeper than I ever have before.
I feel like the first thing in psychology that applies to my life is adolescent identity status. There are four stages of identity that teenagers can have, the first one being identity moratorium, which is when you are still searching for who you are, your trying new things, and you’re delaying commitments. The second one is Identity Foreclosure which is when you accept your childhood self, you make commitments and you become inflexible. Then there is identity diffusion when a teenager makes no effort to do any soul searching and is very rebellious. The last one is Identity…

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