What Psychological Impact Occurs From Crisis And Trauma That Is Caused By A Violent Crime

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Due to its unknown nature and being unpredictable, every human is vulnerable to experiencing a crisis (Jais, 2016). This essay demonstrates what psychological impact occurs from crisis and trauma that is caused by a violent crime. Violent crime is defined as an aggravated assault that includes some sort of life-threatening nature or bodily harm is caused to one or more individuals (Fazel & Grann, 2006). Violent crime situations that involve crisis and trauma are explored from a counselling perspective. This is achieved by suggesting what particular models and assessment tools could be appropriate. A resource list [A1] is also included and it entitles what services and support could benefit a victim after their incident. For clarification, definitions of crisis and trauma are first provided. Crises can take place anywhere, any time and is a dramatic precipitating event that causes the involved individual’s to experience feelings of victimisation and other internal distress (Gilliland & James, 1988; Jais, 2016). The upheaval experience can lead victim’s into a state of crisis, meaning they become incapable of using their familiar coping skills and functionality (Kanel, 2012; James & Gilliland, 2013). A crisis can either be naturally caused or man-made, examples are earthquakes and floods, the nine eleven attacks or when the Titanic sunk (Freedy & Simpson 2007; Lubin, 1999). Experiencing a crisis is not uncommon or abnormal; however, these common crises are on a lighter…

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