What Organizational Factors Must Be Taken Into Consideration When Developing A Comprehensive Approach For Managing Change?

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Assessment 1
Managing Change
What organizational factors must be taken into consideration when developing a comprehensive approach to managing change?
Organisation change occurs for the future aim of the company from its current state. Managing organisation change is the process of planning and implementing change in organisation in such a way that employee productivity increases and expenses of the organisation decreases. Attention needs to be given to organisation structure, hierarchy, employee’s satisfaction etc. so that change can occur successfully.
Change in any organisational management depends upon the management approach towards employees, labour, project implementation etc. If the people in management are autocratic then there is no employee motivation, no human relations are generated, in this case attrition rate in any company increases, vice versa if the management approach towards employees is supportive, then employee likes to work happily even on normal wages, as it leads to employee satisfaction which is very important in today’s time. Employee satisfaction not only at lower level but also at the middle & top levels leads to success of an organisation, long term employment of more employees and can be called as proper organisation change.
1. What are the context / Introduction?
XYZ Construction Company employs 500 staff and is a part of a European based multinational enterprise. Being a construction company, it is involved in construction projects.…

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