What On Earth Is God Doing? Essay

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I started this book with a short and philosophically insubstantial discussion about the nature of questions. Explaining the question; “What on earth is God doing?” has at its core all that I have attempted to cover and in truth, a lot more that I have left out.
The question “What on earth is God doing?” can be partially answered by describing the unfolding of the historical events that God directly involves Himself in and also the mechanisms that He has used within history. However, this answer is somewhat like the classic, but fictional answer, “42.” It is indeed an answer to a question, but is the question even the correct one to start with. Perhaps asking; “Why is God bothering to do all this in the first case?” is a far better question.
God is unmistakably working within His creation, but from our perspective, it is not immediately evident what the “first reason” is. To explain why everything is unfolding as it does and not in some other way, is to ask why God created anything at all.
God did not have any need or lack before He began the work of creation. God exists, and because of this, He expresses Himself. If there is absolutely no expression of His existence then He would not be. He would not, in other words, exist.
God simply “Is” the creator and the creation “is” in a particular sense, God. Nothing exists without God simultaneously expressing it and sustaining it. Likewise, God cannot be apart from anything in His creation. However, His existence is not contingent…

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