What Motivates A Student? Essay

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What Motivates a Student? Motivation is the entire constellation of factors, some inside the organism and some outside, that cause an individual to behave in a particular way at a particular. A constant struggle for teachers and college professors is to get their students motivated to learn and for them to receive a high overall average letter grade in the class. In a journal written by Phyllis C. Blumenfeld called “Classroom Learning and Motivation: Clarifying and Expanding Goal Theory” explains how to get students motivated and she creates somewhat of a how to guide for those teachers that want to get their students to engage in the subject. She uses three main elements which are task, evaluation, and authority to get the students to engage and take interest in that lesson or subject. She uses a few tasks which are variety, challenge, and meaningfulness task to affect the student’s sensitivity on goal orientation. Variety can be done in many ways such as games, novelty, computers, and contests. Although variety is a good thing for students to do so that they can interact with other students, if not done correctly it can distract them from grasping the ideas. Therefore, not setting a true goal or incentive for the students to achieve in the long run. The main purpose of variety is to enhance interest and attention in the in the typically subject, but if not done correctly the students may lose interest in learning in the long run. The other task she describes is…

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