What Methods Can Prevent The Spread Of Ebola Virus? Essay

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I wrote an essay, What Methods Would Effectively Prevent the Spread of Ebola?, that identified ways to stop the spread of the Ebola Virus. Every month there is a new, highly talked about topic of interest. These past few months, this topic was Ebola. It became one of the most talked about topics in Fall 2014 because it was brought to United States from Africa, where it has been an ongoing epidemic. Many citizens feared for their lives about what was to come. When talking about Ebola it is easy to persuade people how dangerous the disease is by playing with people’s emotions, while using frightening reasons, but if there is no authority to back up the logic it is not nearly as effective. In order to properly write an excellent persuasive essay, you need to make sure you apply all of the appeals: pathos, logos, and ethos; and to make your article more appealing use the most effective tone and create imagery.
The first major appeal, pathos, is “the quality or power, esp in literature or speech, of arousing feelings of pity, sorrow, etc.” (Pathos, 2012.) Pathos is used in persuasive appeals to make the reader feel a certain emotion. It makes it easier to persuade someone to side with you when the feeling they get affects them. Like stated in the above paragraph, when discussing such a heartrending illness like Ebola, all you have to do is bring up the word death and everyone gets nervous. In this essay the whole first paragraph uses so many emotional aspects, that unless the…

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