What Methodology For Proving The Thesis Essay

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The trend amongst young adults to escape from the stress of everyday life into hobbies such as music-making influences deeper affairs of life including finding and getting to know oneself, and making connections between different cultural backgrounds and ways of life.
2. What methodology for proving the thesis does the author propose in the introductory paragraphs? Use your own words to paraphrase it.
The author proposes the methodology of shifts in trends among teens and young adults from the mid 20th century to recent years. The majority of teenagers and young adults have always been listeners of music, rather than makers, and they have always been concerned about popular trends in their social network, including popular music. The trend in recent years has shifted to more specific social preferences, which match one’s personality. This is how these young adults discovered the trend of making music, considering it an escape from the stressful life, into a world that interests them.
3. Does the author provide a literature survey? Yes/No.
No. The author does not provide a literature survey.
4. How many points does the author use to prove his/her thesis? State each of the main points and one proof for each point. Use your own words to paraphrase both points and proofs.

Young adults keep up with changes in social norms and technologies. After the Second World War, electric guitars were being produced in large numbers and they quickly became popular among the teens. They…

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