Barbie's Psychological Impact On Young Girls

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Barbie is a popular doll brand, it 's been around for over forty years. Barbie is a slim young woman, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. Unlike other dolls, Barbie has been a surgeon, dentist, and pilot. It is a doll that influences young girls to be whatever they want. Barbie is a doll that has been the subject of many controversies and lawsuits. What message does Barbie send, to young girls? This doll, encounters both criticism and praise, spanning both ends of the ideological spectrum. Barbie is an illustration of the pressure that is put on young women. Many girls try to become Barbie because they want to look perfect, and feel beautiful. Barbie 's put a serious psychological impact on children, and children should not be …show more content…
She repeats this imagine her confusion, quoting from the Koran: "Speak to them from behind a curtain." By improperly judging the religion, the veil becomes a symbol of devastation, instead of pride and piety. Americans fail to recognize Muslims, in the context of a different culture because Americans focus on their own culture. Americans should learn about the veil because it plays a vital role in the Islamic community. The principles in the Koran of modesty, constructs a moral view about the Islamic society. Americans should learn about other cultures, before judging other cultures. The argument is important to understand because Americans should learn about different cultures, and should respect other cultures. I think that all religions should respect each other, and focus on their own beliefs. There would not be a war in the Middle East if everyone would focus on their beliefs. In the end, religion is about having faith in the higher power, and not criticizing other cultures. I give a new idea to the conversation by finding a solution to this problem. I think that many people should consider this solution, and they will realize that my view is …show more content…
Teachers must recognize that parents are positively contributing to their children 's education. Teachers must try to make parents feel welcomed, respected, and supported. The writer mentions that teachers develop ways to use the parent interests in their child 's education, and not just inviting them to a conference. The writer 's argument is important because parents care about their child 's education, and wanted to be involved in their child 's life as much as possible. I think that students would get the impression that their parents don 't care. The writer mentions that if teachers want parents to be involved in their student 's education, they must respect the parent 's concerns. Students will continue to believe that their parents do not care about the, if teachers do not include parents. Business leaders, motivational speakers, and governors should be involved in a student’s education because a child needs to learn about different types of people. The student will be able to learn more about themselves, and about the world around them. I give something new to the conservation because teachers should not be criticized for teaching their

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