What Math Skills And Concepts Are Important For The Age Of The Children You Teach?

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1. What math skills and concepts are important for the age of the children you teach?
For Pre-K students, it is important that they learn counting, use of numbers, shapes, patterns, matching, sorting, grouping, and problem solving.

2. Explain your math program.
The Creative Curriculum program that the Pre-K used was objectives for development and learning, and the teachers provide a wide range of materials to encourage the children to explore. They use small group and large group settings.

3. Explain how you integrate math into other content areas.
In the block area, the students build with the blocks, shapes, grouping, sorting, count the blocks, add and subtract the blocks.
In the Dramatic Play area, the students can measure, compare food containers, and group and sort the food.
In Art, the students use templates, stencils, shapes, rulers, and paint brushes. The students can count, match shapes, measure, etc.
In the Library, the students get the opportunity to look and read books about sizes, counting, adding, subtracting, shapes, etc.
In the classroom sand and water area, the students get the measure, pour, and count.
In music and movement, the students get to count and demonstrate patterns.

4. How do you assess important math concepts?
The teachers of the Pre-K assess through observations, hands on, and testing.

5. How do you make adaptations for specific children in your classroom?
The teachers use observation to determine support, they modify the environment and…

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