What Makes a Successful Romantic Tragedy? Essay

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What makes a successful romantic tragedy?

Romantic tragedy can be a very successful genre to work with for film directors although, in some cases, the making of the film goes haywire somewhere along the line and ends up being a rather catastrophic rendition of a romantic tragedy. When I pursued a study of this genre, I found that there are several factors which can make or break a film, depending on how well these factors are used and to what extent they are thought through and developed. These areas, I discovered, are generally cinematography, special effects and the soundtrack, the plot and narrative drive, the characters and acting, the cultural discourse/s used. Discourses are particularly pertinent to this genre as the subject
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The most important feature that caused this film to be not portrayed in its best form is the fact that at the beginning, there was a shot of an event which occurred at the end of the film which inevitably ruined any hope of creating suspense. It is impossible for viewers to give into the text, feel empathy for the lovers and so on, when we already know that the story will end badly. Also, a romantic tragedy will generally have events in the storyline which get worse gradually until you have the final unexpected and very tragic climax of the storyline. In Wuthering Heights, the climax was neither unexpected or highly tragic as Cathy dying, in my opinion, was expected as she was very sick so it was obvious she would die before long. I believe it is clear to tell that how the producers and directors go about working together to build up the storyline of a film impacts greatly on the believability and suspense of tragedy in this genre.

An aspect which greatly affects how effective the storyline is in creating the verisimilitude crucial to a romantic tragedy is how sound effects and the soundtrack to the film is used. When there is music to help build up the tension in the critical battle scenes and music which allow us to soften our hearts to the many tragic yet romantic things happening to the characters, it opens up the prospect of believability to a whole new level. Also, what would a battle scene be without appropriate sound effects?

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