Essay about What Makes a Hero?

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What is a Hero? What is a hero? What makes him or her different from everyone else? In Phillip Zimbardo’s article “What Makes a Hero?” he states that heroes surround us. One in five or 20 percent of people qualify as heroes. Seventy-two percent of people report helping another person in a dangerous emergency. Sixteen percent report whistle blowing on an injustice. Six percent report sacrificing for a non-relative or stranger and fifteen percent report defying an unjust authority (1). Although, I do feel like all people are heroes in certain circumstances I think some specific attributes exist that aid in making a hero. I feel like heroes must contain selflessness with a concern for other‘s needs, volition or the ability to confront a …show more content…
Sergeant Salvatore “Sal” Guinta is a military hero, the first living Medal of Honor recipient since Vietnam, who on October 27, 2007 demonstrates the hero attribute of the ability to make a choice. As Guinta and the other paratroopers in his 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team began trekking into the area where the over watch station was located they began receiving fire from the insurgents. When Sergeant Joshua Brennan was separated and missing from the group this is when Guinta had to confront his choice. Go back for the fellow paratrooper alone and risk meeting the insurgents, or stay and continue fighting possibly risking a missing in action label for Brennan? Before anyone said one way or another, Guinta was on his way back to look for Brennan. He didn’t expect to find him being dragged off by insurgents however. The article about Guinta states, “Yelling for help and still under heavy fire, Guinta charged forward alone and fired the 15 or 20 rounds remaining in his M4, killing one of the insurgents and wounding the other. But he did more than save Brennan, Gallardo later explained. The true nightmare of any leader is a Soldier missing in action, and Guinta prevented that” (Collins). Although Brennan and a few other paratroopers were lost that day, Guinta made his choice to risk all and go back for Brennan and that definitely makes

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