Essay on What Makes a Good Manager?

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The article that I chose to write about is titled, What makes a "good" manager? Many have their own thoughts on what different traits are needed to become a "good" manager, but the importance of those traits varies from person to person. "The dictionary defines management as the act or art of managing: the conducting or supervising of something (as a business)" (Shubert, 2006, para.1). As seen in the article, the success of a manager starts with the way that their subordinates feel about them as a manager. The first trait that was mentioned in the article was that of charisma. Strong communication and interpersonal skills are seen as a critical part of developing charisma. "Charisma is a sort of magical quality of magnetic charm or …show more content…
Another trait mentioned is the proper utilization of subordinates to develop and carry out the organization's mission statement to encourage the following of it. The mission statement is very important to the success of an organization and helps a manager make decisions. An idea that goes along with a company's mission statement is likely to be followed through on while an idea that does not fit would be tossed out. In addition to properly utilizing tools supplied to them such as a mission statement and orders sent down from their superiors, a successful manager must be a strategic thinker. They are supposed to have an idea of where they want to help the company be in the future years to come. Knowing what direction that they want to go in and planning out how they will carry out their plans can help ensure the success of a company's future. The final trait mentioned in this article was that of the integrity of a manager. A manager is supposed to be seen as an honest and driven person to his or her superiors and subordinates, whom they feel they can trust. A good manager also fights for the rewarding of good employees and makes sure that those who perform badly or break rules are fairly disciplined. When a manager has integrity, subordinates will understand and respect the decisions of their manager as a leader. This will furthermore create the family-like dynamic that makes for

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