What Makes Your Groove? Essay

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Your groove: perhaps how music makes you feel, how it stimulates your body with the beat of a drum or the riff of a guitar. My groove: on the same level as your groove, only it goes just a bit further than just the feel. A machinist’s groove: the point at which a tool does work. We all see groove differently, figuratively and technically. We’ll be focusing on grooves that match up, your’s and mine, and how we’ll see that groove is more than just feelings. We’ll be exploring groove’s historically figurative nature, and how it’s interpreted by today’s experts in the music field. What makes our “grooves” groove? To understand groove, you must know where it’s come from, it’s rise of the in the music world. The term itself goes as far back as the early 1950’s, a high of the blues and jazz era, and has had an overall popularization over the years. The term is also said to come from vinyl records and phonographs. Ethan Hein (May, 2014) compares it as, “Musicians ride the groove the way a phonograph needle physically rides the groove in the vinyl” (paragraph 1). You could also compare it to a similarly used word, funk. Their meanings have been changed by the use of it in music. “Let’s move into the groove” and, “let’s get our funk on” are, or were as they seem dated, popular sayings that helped changed both meanings. Back to groove, the term has seen more use today than funk. A countless amount of musicians cite groove in their music, and in different categories thereof; from jazz…

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