What Makes You Going For College For Art? Essay

2512 Words Apr 24th, 2016 11 Pages
Illustrated Ways If thinking of going to college for art was one of the main options being considered but baking has also been an interest this would be an interesting subject.. Also try out different styles of art from ceramics, drawing, painting, theatre, and baking, as being unsure as to what form of art would be best to continue to go with since art and baking are both enjoyable. The reason this type of career would be interesting as is it would help someone who enjoys baking from scratch and the art of decorating cakes, cupcakes etc. The decoration of cakes and cupcakes is a sugar art form. Cake decorating takes time, knowledge, and a lot of practice. Decorated cakes are not limited to weddings and birthdays, but many other occasions require decorated cakes as well. Many art techniques are used in cake decorating. This paper will help illustrate the ways of cake decorating and who could be a great resource. Being happy with themselves when they are able to see the look on their friends and families faces while seeing and tasting a product that’s been made. Having artistic skills help when creating the making of design and color choices. Believed with the sugar art one would not be limited to a certain type of creativity but could create based off their own talents and interests and also have a passion that would keep them happy in accomplishing their goal. The thought of it would be interesting to learn techniques for decorating cakes as it is a another…

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