What Makes You Come Up With A Self Talk Essay

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Whatever you come up with is the kind of positive self-talk that it is making you feel good right now, even when you are looking up on the Internet 'I don 't know what to say to make myself happier."

You see, you do know what to say. That 's because you know what you want. You know what you desire and crave. You know what makes you proud of yourself and fond of yourself. And when you say things that are in line with your deepest self and desires, you feel happier.

As you can see, though, saying positive things to yourself that makes you happier usually follows some sort of action. If you do something you are proud of or that makes you feel good, then you are more likely to use positive self-talk.

Do What Makes You Happiest

In other words, you need to take action on life towards what makes you happy. If you do, then your self-talk will automatically start to become more positive. Alternatively, if you choose to take action on what doesn 't make you happy, you will find yourself speaking negatively to yourself quite often.

For instance, if you have a lot of goals for yourself, then you will feel great if you accomplish everything on your to-do list for the day. You will pat yourself on your back and say good things to yourself, and that will make you feel even better about yourself. But, if you procrastinate on what you need to do, you will feel stressed out, worried, or upset with yourself, which will make you talk negatively to yourself and make you feel bad.…

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