Essay about What Makes You A Christian?

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What makes you a Christian?
I am a Christian, but what does that actually mean? I grew up in an average “Christian” family in the heart of the Bible Belt; I was raised to pray before I eat, pray before I sleep, be kind to others, never cuss, and not to miss church on Sunday morning. For the greater part of my childhood I thought that this was what defined someone as a “Christian.” Unfortunately, the word “Christian” has lost its significance in the World we live in today, and so has the importance to strive to live a Christian life. This has led to the stereotype that all “Christians” are hypocrites, which is opposite of what defines a true Christian. An individual isn’t automatically a Christian because they proclaim to be one. A true Christian lives a life as a follower and student of Jesus Christ, not because they say it, but because their life is seen as a representation of a Christian or “Little Christ” ( by others.
I grew up in the Bible Belt of the south. Urban dictionary describes it as “An area of the southern United States that has a large protestant (i.e. Baptist, Methodist, Church of Christ) church attending population. Most of these people are ignorant of their own beliefs, do not follow the laws they preach, and relentlessly attempt to convert those who do not follow their sect.” ( From past experiences I can see why people may have this perspective.…

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