Essay on What Makes Us Up As People Consists Of Neurons

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A lot of what makes us up as people consists of neurons. Neurons are responsible for our bodies “communication system.” So much happens within our bodies at such a minuscule amount of time, and learning about the process made me realize how much needs to happen for me to feel a certain way or perform a certain action. In a neuron, it first has to have a certain amount of depolarizing ions for there to be an action potential. When that action potential is reached, charge can be sent through the axon (which is protected by the myelin shealth). As a charge goes through a neuron, vesicles that hold neurotransmitters (that are contained in the presynaptic terminal button) can be then released to the postsynaptic spine. After traveling across a small space that separates neurons (synaptic gap) dendrites on another neuron can receive this message sent from the first neuron and then the cycle continues. While reading about this process, I thought about how I send a text to my friends. I have to have a certain amount of motivation to want to text a friend/family member. I can type up a text on my phone and send it to the person I wish to contact. The message I want to send is like neurotransmitters because both contain messages and my phone represents the presynaptic terminal button. My text won 't go through an axon, but through the air and objects to reach the other person. The distance my text has to travel to reach the other person 's phone is similar to the synaptic gap.…

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