What Makes Us Laugh? Essay

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What makes us laugh? Why do we laugh? Is it because of the construction of the jokes? The content? The relatability? In So I Called the Batman¸ Louis CK notably creates comedy and generates laughter through the use of the incongruity theory. This is based on the fact that laughter is created when something violates our normal patterns and expectations. In order to achieve this, he uses the techniques of absurd lines, escalation and misdirection, gestures, the rule of three, acting out, and direct address.
To begin with, absurdity is humor with the absence of reason. The use of ambiguous and ridiculous statements creates confusion and laughter for the audience as it goes against their anticipations. To illustrate, at the start of the show when expressing his discontent at bats, he states in a rather uptight voice with a ludicrous thought that it’s not like “bats make all the French toast in the world” (0:25-0:28). By juxtaposing two unrelated words, “bats” and “French toast” confusion is created. Likewise, Louis CK tries to poke fun of people who are constantly saying “don’t kill bees, they make honey”. Secondly, when he talks about not having enough sleep in his country house, he bluntly states that he was “begging for the freaking sun to come out so [he] could sleep through the day with the kids” (1:32-1:36) Normally, as a father we would expect him to spend time with his kids during the day and not avoid it. Finally, when he compares “country 911” to “New York City…

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