What Makes Us Human? Essay

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Although we could never really define human, there are several ways that we can describe humans. There are different ways that people can describe what it means to be human, based on their own beliefs. There is no answer because it is subjective. Some believe that in order to be a human all that is needed is a spirit; some believe somewhere in between: in order to be a human, you must have a spirit and body. For others, being human means being free and being able to make your own choices. I personally believe all three of these variables, taken together, describes what makes us human.
Essentialists theorize that having a soul is more important than merely having a physical body; they believe that the person resides in the brain, personality, or spirit. I do agree that a big part of what makes us human is a soul or spirit, but I also believe the physical body is very important in what makes us human. Brian Smart talks about “The Ship of Theseus.” If you replace all the parts of a ship X, is X identical with Y, which is a new ship made out of new parts, or Z, which is a ship made out of the old parts of X? This question leads to another: does the nature of identity lie in what we call the ship, or who owns the ship, or what we think about the ship, or what? This idea can be compared to a person whose brain is taken out and placed in another body. Is Person X still the same person since they have the same brain, or is she a different person because she has a new body? I…

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