What Makes Us Human? Essays

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What Really Makes Us Human?
Humanity has been evolving each and every year by the advancements of technologies. This exponential technological growth has major social, cultural and value impacts, which influences and affects the human race in many ways. In “The Glass Cage: Automation and Us,” writer Nicholas Carr examines how the technology we use in our everyday lives does not make us “post-human” or “transhuman”, but it is what makes us human. Carr’s quote is supported by the ideas represented in multiple texts. In Ronald Bailey’s article he discusses how the goal towards humanity has been to liberate ourselves from our biological constraints. Author Steven Pinker’s article recalls on the positive aspects of technology that is leading our country to have less violence. Additionally, author Bill Joy acknowledges how much dependency we have on technology as well as how it gives our dreams form by creating a better quality of life. Carr’s claim that technology is an innate human characteristic could be supported in the ways in which we see that technology has enhanced human development, has led to a decrease in human violent tendencies, and how humans have an excessive dependency on technology.
Carr’s presentation of technology as being part of our human nature supports Bailey’s article “Transhumanism: The Most Dangerous Idea? Why Striving to Be More than Human is Human” in which they both believe that we are transcending beyond our natural human abilities. Carr states…

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