Essay on What Makes Us Happy?

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What really makes us happy? Many people believe it is wealth, family, and fame. Do those factors really affect happiness? Studies have shown that excessive wealth (over $75,000) has no additional effect on happiness, and along with fame may, in fact, decrease it. What really does make us happy? I have been happy when doing volunteer work, spending time with friends, and while working on an interesting project. The definition of happiness that I get from examining those experiences is this: happiness exists when one or more of the following are true: everything seems to be okay, having a challenging and meaningful task, and helping other people.
We are happy when everything seems to be okay, as I have experienced when spending time with my friends. There are two ways we can feel like everything in our life is in place. The first way is when everything actually is in place. We have productive days, are getting everything done that needs to be, and have any major challenges or problems solved or improved. But that isn’t always what happens. Sometimes we might not be getting much done, have an ever increasing list of things to do, and encounter problems and “road blocks” when trying to get things done and we might not feel happy because of that. The second way we can feel okay is when our life does not have everything in place, but we have a plan to improve it that we are following or we temporarily forget about the problems. When we spend time with our friends, it helps to make…

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